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Copper River Copper River sonar site spring deployment

Yentna River sonar site research

Nushagak River sonar site acoustic tagging

Yukon River  (Pilot) sonar site gillnetting

Yukon River  (Pilot) sonar site acoustic tagging

Yukon River  (Pilot) sonar site side-scan sonar

Kenai River  king salmon radio tagging

Video of Anchor River Yentna River video

At the Yentna River sonar site technicians operate sonar and fish wheels.

Video of Anchor River Anchor River video Unique conditions at the Anchor River allow ADF&G to also record non-sonar video of fish passage late in the season.
Video Kenai River king salmon
Sonar site gillnet crew radio tag, sample and measure Kenai River king salmon.
DIDSON Fish Videos DIDSON fish videos
Sonar video of sockeye salmon, king salmon, seals and hooligan detected using DIDSON
Nushagak River Nushagak River
Sonar site gillnet crew capture and release fish to help separate sonar-detected fish by species.
Bendix Sonar Bendix sonar oscilloscope
See echoes bounced off fish as they are displayed on a Bendix oscilloscope.
Alaska Fisheries Sonar